5 good reasons to get married

There's nothing scary about marriage.

The post was a commentary from an author of the book Men on Strike who was of the idea that men do not get married because of a number of reasons which included losing their sex life, losing financial independence and even mentioned men were at the risk of losing their families as reasons. Among others, of not wanting to get married.

Now obviously this doesn’t apply to every man out there but the sentiments are quite profound and can make one believe that there is nothing good about marriage.

But there is something, in fact a number of things that are great about marriage and the ones listed below are just 5 of them.

1.You live longer

Numerous studies have revealed that happily married men are more likely to live longer than single men.

2.Continuing your blood line

Yes, you can still have a family even though you are not married but starting a family after marriage is the standard way of starting a family.

You are in a stable environment thus making it easier to just focus on your family.

3.Better financial status

The both of you are earning money and sharing expenses so the financial burden is eased. You can now get a car for the both of you or move to a better home than the one you may be living in.

4.More sex/intimacy/ better sex

You are intimately linked to one person which is not all that bad. You can express different fantasies to one another and try different things with each other which may not be easy to do if you are sleeping with different people every other week.

5.Married people are happier

Married people are reportedly happier as compared to single people. They are 135 percent more likely to report a high happiness than single men.


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