Every single and searching individual out there has at one point been told that they “will find love when they stop searching for it”, which can be true in some cases but for other singles; they don’t get so lucky.

The dates get more boring, the crushes keep picking the other guy/girl and honestly it just looks like you are never going to get into a relationship anytime soon.

So, what do you do? You give up.

Even when you don’t realize it, you slowly give up on ever finding the love that you want and these are some indicators that you have.

1.You always think someone is messing with you

You always think that someone who expresses their interest in you is automatically trying to play with you.

You have a hard time trusting someone enough to let them in.

2.You forget what it’s like to be in a relationship

You don’t know whether you’re doing the right thing as a boyfriend or girlfriend because you’ve been single for so long.

You’re confused on how to act while in a relationship.

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3.You start thinking that there is something wrong with you

Every attempt at getting into a serious relationship has failed and you start wondering whether you could be the reason for that – which could be true in some cases.

4.You reject good guys

For the women, you end up rejecting great guys that may have been more than just friends.

5.You get overwhelmed when thinking about first dates

First dates are nerve-wracking even with an active dating life but when you’re in that space where you have given up on love, the thought of going through first dates again just feels like a hustle.

Source: Bolde