Every relationship is different and that is why when it comes to receiving relationship advice, it is important to know how best that advice will benefit your relationship instead of just swallowing it up the way it is.

It is easy to follow the cliché – which can also be helpful sometimes – pieces of advice that is dished out but sometimes a proper reality check into how relationships actually are in real life is much needed.

Here are 7 ‘uncommon’ pieces of relationship advice you rarely hear.

1.It is okay to go to bed angry

Hearing that you shouldn’t go to bed angry at your partner is not anything new. You are supposed to solve your issues before falling asleep at night. Which can help sometimes but there are those times when sleeping the anger off will give someone a clearer mind and strength to handle a sensitive issue.

Psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Laura Ciel says to let your partner know that you will revisit the issue at hand at a later time as opposed to speaking out of anger during an argument.

2.Take a break from talking

According to Dr. Ciel, sometimes the best thing people can do when in an argument is to “stop talking, breathe, go for a walk and remember why your relationship matters so much to you.”

Always repeating something over an over again with no solution can get exhausting and could lead to the issue not being solved as it is supposed to.

3.Love isn’t enough

It just isn’t. Love and relationship coach Jessica Elizabeth Opert says:

“We can indeed pile an entire amazing life into the cart of love, however, without the connection to pull it, the cart stops and love dies, so focus less on how to create more love, and instead, ask yourself, how can I connect more with my partner?”

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4.Relax on the gift giving

Gifts are great and all but it won’t hurt to switch to spending more on experiences as suggested by sexpert Bethany Ricciardi,

“I’m not saying he/she doesn’t love the jewelry and new Nikes, but doing things like trying a new restaurant, going to concerts, or taking classes are things that you’re actually going to remember and appreciate more, since you’ll be creating memories together.”

5.You don’t have to share everything with your family and friends

Your family and friends do not have to know every little detail about your relationship. You may feel compelled to tell them everything about your relationship – I mean they are the closest people to you – but you may end up achieving the opposite of what you wanted.

6.You don’t have to be best friends

You often hear that you are supposed to be best friends with the person you are with and you should but licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Racine Henry that it is okay if they are not.

“It’s perfectly normal to have a best friend that you call often, confide in, and spend time with who is not your partner.”

7.Talk about finances

In the words of love and relationship expert Elizabeth Opert “Financial talk can lead to more arguments and disconnection in relationships, which is why it’s one of the most important parts of creating a happy, fulfilled and sustainable relationship.”

Talk about your finances with your partner and air out any concerns you may have as soon as possible.

This article first appeared on stylecaster.com.