Bad dating advice to avoid

Ever been given these bad pieces of dating advice?

Some may work for you while others may not really be the type of advice you may be looking for.

Online site Bolde, came up with a list of bad dating advice that people can do without.

1.Give everyone a chance

It would make sense to test the waters as much as you can when dating but don’t just accept a date for the sake of. You might end up just confusing yourself and never eventually figuring out what you really deserve.

2.You should find someone that is within your league

Never judge anyone from what you see on the outside – though a well-dressed man/woman is a definite plus – but always look at what is in the inside.

You may be closing doors that may have been intended for you in the first place.

3.Never make the first move

It’s a great feeling, for women especially, to want the man to make the first move and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you feel like making the first move as a woman, then go right ahead.

4.You are not getting any younger

Let the process of finding love be. Give it time and it will find you when it is supposed to find you.

5.You should have a one-night stand

You need to sweep those cob webs off, they said. Take your time when wanting to get intimate with somebody. It should only be your decision and nobody else’s.

6.Play hard to get

Nobody has time for it anymore. It’s either you are doing it or not. Make up your mind and get with the program. Otherwise you’re just wasting somebody’s time; and yours.


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