Being single is not as bad as a lot of people would like to make it seem.

Yes it can get a little lonely sometimes and you may want someone to cuddle with you during those cold nights but there are actually quite a number of benefits of being single.

1.You can be selfish

You don’t have to share your plate of food with anyone else, you can have it all to yourself.

2.You don’t have to worry about being accountable to someone else

You can keep your secrets to yourself and not tell your significant other about your every move.

3.No drama

No fights about why that girl was talking to close to you when you went out or how she keeps talking to the guy that you she claims to just be her friend when in real sense you know what he wants.

4.No pressure

With everyone splashing their relationships all over social media; you don’t have to worry about that.

5.You can love yourself better

You now have the time to focus on your career and build other relationships. You can love yourself much better and we all know that the only way to properly love someone else is to love yourself first.