Why women always keep good guys in the friend zone

It has nothing to do with how nice you are.

If she comes to you to talk about her boyfriend troubles; my friend ni kubaya.

A woman will friend zone a guy for numerous reasons and here are some of them.

1.They enjoy having someone to always be pining after them

It’s selfish but some women honestly just want someone to constantly be pinning after them.

It makes them feel wanted and who doesn’t want to feel wanted so they might keep you there because they like the attention you give them but don’t want to cross that boundary and make things complicated.

2.They genuinely see you as a friend

Sometimes a woman just sees you as a friend and nothing more. They genuinely just don’t have such feelings for you and as hard as it may be to swallow, it is what it is.

3.They’re just not ready to open up their hearts to anyone yet

A broken heart can also be the reason why your friend zoned.

They don’t want to deal with getting to know someone knew and most of all getting to know their friend in a different light.

4.It’ll just make things awkward

Things can get awkward pretty quick when friends decide to take things to the next level and women just don’t feel like dealing with it.

Things are just perfect, at least for them, the way they are.

5.She’s focused on someone else

There’s someone else who’s got her attention and when a woman likes a guy it is really hard to direct her attention elsewhere.


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