4 things millennials are tired of being asked

Please stop.

Before it was the middle class' lack of involvement or their apathy towards political systems that was the issue. But nowadays, young people are the reason why "social media is killing everyone" and there is a "lack of morals".

And younger people are fed up with it.

Here are 4 things millennials are tired of being asked.

1. Why aren't you married yet?

The pressure to get married doesn't just affect young people. If you're successful, own a car, a house, are fairly well off but still single- this seems to be nearly criminal.

2. Why don't you have children?

A young man or woman between 22 and 34 must have children to be considered "acceptable" in the eyes of some older people.

3. Why don't you get a better job?

Most millennials have entry level jobs or carry multiple casual jobs just to make ends meet. The current job climate requires people with a million years of experience, a thousand doctorates and enough government forms to start an agency.

4. Why don't you stop drinking and save that money to buy a car?


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