7 tips to help you date a 90s kid

You need to know this if you're dating a 90s kid

Here are 7 tips to successfully date a millennial.

They expect instant connections

Due to the advance of social media, it’s even easier to meet more like minded individuals. And when that connection is formed, millennials expect that to somehow transcend into other aspects of life. Be understanding when you fall short of some of their expectations and remind them that a real connection is worth sticking around for.

They are sexually liberated

90s kids are a bit wild in the sack due to their adventurous nature. They no longer adhere to the traditional roles in sexual gratification. Expect them to know a lot so don’t go running or worried they’re cheating because of how expertly they are.

They are fashionable

So should you be as well. They track style trends and will follow them to the letter or even change them to suit their personalities. If you’re not metro, at least pay attention when they give fashion tips or recommend a fashion blogger to you.

They’re not ignoring you when they’re on their phones

Most millennials run about a third of their lives on their phones. Because of how often they’re working, they can only engage with their peers online. They may seem antisocial, but they aren't. They're just reconnecting with their people the easiest way they know. Similar to when a baby boomer goes to golf with his friends every Saturday afternoon.

They’re a bit cynical

90s kids find themselves in a precarious position where they are represented by an older generation that often fails to understand them. So they act indifferent to the status quo as they wait for change or take on the current way of life and turn into armchair or street activists. They appear jaded even when young so when dating them, understand where they’re coming from.

They know a lot

Shocking as it may seem, 90s kids are quite learned. Beforehand, elders expected their word to be taken as unquestioned law. But 90s kids have been around and they also know stuff. They will question rules and challenge authority. Not out of malice, but because of their convictions. Don’t take it as them being combative.

Meme your game

To most millennials, memes are bae. So stock up on them. They're the easiest way to declare true love and friendship these days- just tag your bae in a meme.


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