Dangerous mistakes first-time moms make with their newborns

There's nothing like a perfect mom

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A baby doesn’t come with a manual. You figure out most of the things as you raise your newborn. That means you are going to mess up at some point and it’s totally okay.

At some point, you will be worried and you might even doubt if you are being a good mom. While there is nothing like a perfect mom, there are some rookie mistakes you need to avoid as a new mom.

1. Comparing your baby with other babies

This is the worst mistake you can ever make as a new mom. How your baby grows is different from another one. If your friend’s baby began crawling at six months and yours is eight and is yet to, you shouldn’t be worried. Comparison will leave feeling you like there is something you are not doing for your baby to grow fast.

2. Not accepting help

Some new moms want to do everything by themselves. They want to take care of the baby, do the dishes and the laundry too. Look here, you don’t have to be a superhero. You need rest and you won’t have that if you are not taking help from friends and family.

3. Neglecting baby’s oral hygiene

You need to start taking care of their gums even before the teeth develop. After feeding them, use a wet cloth or wipes to clean their gums in order to prevent cavities.

4. Not sleeping when the baby sleeps

As a new mom, there will be so much to do. You will have to wake up for night feeds besides the other basic chores. This means you need to get enough rest. While you may not get to sleep each time the baby sleeps, use that time to take a rest instead of busying yourself with household chores.

5. Believing everything you hear

If your baby has a fever, don’t post it on social media seeking advice. Instead, take them to the hospital. People will give you different advice, some of which might be misleading.

6. Locking yourself in the house

Some parents fear that leaving the house might make their babies sick. while you need to avoid crowded places, a stroll in the neighborhood is good for both of you. It’s also been proven to be helpful among women battling postpartum depression.


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