Reasons why first time moms struggle with sex after giving birth

Physical intimacy can be a big struggle for a lot of first time mothers after giving birth.

You’re happy for the blessing that has come into your life and on the other hand something just doesn’t seem to feel right – at least this is what I’ve heard from first time mothers.

Physical intimacy is one of the struggles that a lot of first time mothers have after giving birth and it can cause a bit of a drift between couples if not dealt with early enough.

Before dealing with the problem first, it is important to know what the cause of it is in the first place and here are the reasons why first time mothers struggles with sex after giving birth.

It can be painful

Women are supposed to abstain from sex for about four to six weeks (depending on what the doctor recommends) after giving birth to allow their bodies to heal. It doesn’t mean that women will bounce right back onto the saddle after those six weeks and everything will be hunky dory because it is possible to experience some form of discomfort.

Vaginal dryness

A drop in estrogen levels can cause vaginal dryness in women after giving birth. The drop in estrogen levels can occur due to breastfeeding.

A decrease in the hormonal production could cause the vaginal walls to thin and the thinner the vaginal walls the less the cells for moisture production for vaginal coating/wetness.

The mom may not feel desirable after giving birth

Some women don’t feel very sexy after giving birth thanks to physical changes that have occurred and probably still are occurring with their bodies- and this could last for a while.

They may still be adapting to their new bodies and sometimes they may not have a positive outlook thus feeling pressured to, for example, lose the baby weight quickly and not cut themselves some slack.

This can greatly mess with the woman’s sex drive and their general emotional feelings towards sex.

Whatever the case for a woman's struggle of having sex after giving birth, one thing is pretty clear, patience is definitely a virtue for a couple in such a situation.


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