The awkward first meeting between Nameless and my parents - Wahu recounts

That must have been awkward.

Whether it is on Nameless addressing how Wahu feels about ladies grinding on him or talking about the difficult conversations they have with their oldest daughter Tumiso - the couple are not afraid to tell it all, or at at least some of it.

Speaking of telling it all, Wahu recently revealed the awkward, unconventional, first meeting between her parents and Nameless.

While some parents would meet their daughter's boyfriend at home or at a restaurant for the first time, Nameless met Wahu's parents at her Chiromo Campus room.

Posting a throwback picture of their younger selves on her Instagram, Wahu recounted how her parents and Nameless decided to pay her a surprise visit at university.

"This was the first time that my boyfriend was meeting my parents," she recalled.

"My room was small and seeing that we were running out of sitting space - I in my infinite wisdom, suggested that I could sit on my boyfriend. And needless to say, thought I was nuts! So that idea just died like that."

To make matters even more awkward her dad was the one that took the photo.

"That's his 'this is awkward' pose and that's my 'yeah this is totally awkward' half smile that looks like I'm chewing on something."

"At the end of it all, my dad did walk me down the aisle and did put my hand in his. Not with a warning, but with a hug, and so it did end well, despite the awkward beginning."


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