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Never tolerate these things in a relationship

It's never that serious!


Why do we put up with being treated like crap? Most people stay in unhealthy relationships for all the wrong reasons. You will find a woman being beaten every day by the hubs and if you ask why she won't leave she will tell you that she's staying for the sake of the kids. What kind of crap is that? Life is too sort to stay with someone who is treating you any less than a queen. It's up to you to decide which lady you want to be. The one being treated like a princess? Or the one with the guy who does the bare minimum to keep you happy in a relationship? Never get into a relationship because of desperation or fear of being single. It's good to have high standards. That said, guys, stop tolerating these things in a relationship.

1. Abuse.

Good grief, dare a man hit me, one of us is ending up in the grave and the other in prison. Lol. Never let a man hit you. Once he does, he will never stop. And don't let yourself be fooled by apologies and gifts to blind you. Never tolerate any kind of abuse. Just leave. You're no one's punching bag.


2. Cheating and lies.

It's really unfortunate that we live in a society that has normalized cheating. Like having a side chick these days is totally fine, totally normal. Listen, I understand that many women will stay around a cheating partner because they want their marriage to seem perfect from outside and for the sake of the kids. But cheating is not something you should tolerate. Life is too short to be stuck with a cheating husband. Most of the time, people cheat when they're looking for something they're not getting. Ladies, treat your man right, men, treat your woman like the queen she is. Give your partner attention and do not stop doing those things you once did when you were trying to woo her. Constantly up your bedroom game to keep things exciting. Instead of normalizing and tolerating cheating, fix it! If nothing can be fixed, leave. You're better off alone than being with a man with a public dick. Yikes.

3. Being controlled.

Have you ever heard of those people who are told by their spouses to go to the kitchen and bang two sufurias so that they can prove that they're home? I mean, how can you stand such a life? Are you a five year old? Get the hell out of that relationship!


4. Someone that has nothing to offer but sex.

They never chip in when it comes to bills, they're not going to help around with house chores or anything else. All they bring to the table is what's between their legs.

5. A broke ass.

I don't know about you but I'm not tolerating a stingy broke ass. I understand that money is not everything and it's okay when a man shows effort say by cooking you a good meal at home when he can't afford to take you out for date night, but a man that does the bare minimum? Sit down so that those willing to treat us like ladies can see us.


6. Someone that's just using you.

They're only there for the money, accommodation or free meals. They only call you when they need Mpesa. My friend, you're not the UN. You deserve better.

7. A man child.


Urgh! Men that cannot even make decisions on their own. When you're dating them you're the one who wears the pants in the relationship. This ninja cannot even fix a bathroom bulb.

8. Humiliation.

I don't understand why some people humiliate and disrespect their partners. Have you heard of stories where a man will bring his side chic to his home while the wife is there? No one deserves that kind of disrespect in life. There's someone out there who can treat you better.

9. Fakeness.


A guy who pretends to be who is not aka the Papa Shirandulas of this world. How long can you keep up with that? A guy who keeps making plans that you will never see materialize. Ai you must have a lot of energy to withstand that.

10. Bad sex.

The other day we had a lovely girl chat with a group of friends and we started talking about exes. One of the girls went on about how the ex's penis could never get a full erection no matter what. Yooooo, I swear, even if you love someone, life is too short for bad sex. It's definitely a deal breaker. Imagine thinking to yourself "Not again" every time your boo cuddles you trying to initiate sex.



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