Things that go through a girl’s mind after a one night stand

So many things run through a girl's mind after a one night stand but these have to be some of the top ones

One thing leads to another, you find yourself at his place and it goes down.

It’s now morning, you wake up and get out bed to go use the bathroom as you usually do. Only problem is your bathroom door is not where it usually is. You snap out of it and realize you’re not at you’re place.

Worse yet, there’s a guy that you maybe remember from last night snoring away on the bed. A million and one things start running through your mind:

1.Where am I?

You start wondering where you are of course because you can’t seem to remember anything about last night past the fact that you really gobbled down those tequila shots.

2.What happened?

You’re clearly naked so something must have gone down last night.

You frantically start looking for your clothes, all while trying not to wake the guy up because honestly no one has time for that awkward conversation.

3.Did we use a condom?

If something did go down last night, did you at least use protection?

4.How do I leave?

You find a condom wrapper and get some form of relief that at least you were responsible enough to have used a condom. Now how do you get out of there without waking him up?

5.The awkward conversation

It may seem that the awkward conversation is inevitable so you end up waking the guy up either way.

6.Never doing that again

As you walk out of his house you swear to yourself you are never going to do that again as you text your friend to find out what club your hitting up that night.


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