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Valid reasons to delete your Tinder profile for good

It's a waste of time


How do you deal? Heh!

Online dating is serious work! I can't deny that some guys are actually nice and genuine but most are just average Johns. If that's what you're looking for, suit yourself. But, if you're looking for more than just a lay, more than just a random average dude, I'd suggest you delete the app and start looking for potential boyfriends off social media. No, I mean it...allow me to be Dr. Phil for a minute and explain to you why Tinder sucks.


1. It's full of creeps and catfishes.

Of course, there are some nice innocent guys using the app, but what about all the weird catfish using photos of celebrities and Instagram models? You can't even tell if the guy you're talking to is real or not in this catfish era.

2. The bio and photos could be misleading.

Sometimes people put really old pics of themselves or cropped pics showing the face and not a full body. You also find funny bios suggesting that the guy is hilarious but that's not always the case.

3. Let's not even get started on the many dates you have to go to before you find the one...


Don't you get tired of telling people about your life story over and over again?

4. Plus all the frogs you'll have to kiss...

5. And bang, in this STD era...wueh.


I once read a thread on Twitter where a girl went on a Tinder date and had sex on the first date. The guy finished on her chest and face (TMI but I swear it's important) and after a few days, she had a rash on her chest and face. On going to the Dermatologist, she was told that she had worms underneath her skin and that they must have come from being in contact with dead bodies. The girl then stalked the dude on FB only to realize that he worked in a mortuary and, 1+1 equals 2 if you know what I mean. YIKES! Moral of the story, delete Tinder!

6. Speaking of having sex, you do realize that Tinder is a hookup app yeah?

So most people are just looking for sex. Nothing more. Why would a Pilot or business man based in Turkey want to start a relationship with some chic miles away from him? It's good to have hope though lol...


7. It can cause low self esteem.

Imagine spending a good hour swiping right on dozens of men, only to have one match? Eish, these are some of the things that make people commit suicide or start bleaching.

8. It's addictive.

Once you start getting matches left right and center, you just can't stop. Every other minute, you're checking your Tinder, talking to a couple of men, probably having sex with 3 out of the ones you're talking to and before you know it, you and your girls have all been with the same guys.

9. Unsolicited d**k pics.


10. If you're married, the app will sell you out.

People who know you personally will obviously see you on the app. Are you willing to risk your marriage or relationship for a mediocre lay?

11. Nowadays it's honestly just not worth it.

You hand might get crippled from swiping left too much. You're better off looking for someone off Social Media. Get to know people in social set ups, interact in person and make judgement off meeting them in person instead of judging someone based on photos and a cheesy bio.



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