One day you’re basking in the comfort of your lavish apartment, the next you’re moving in with your buddy as you look for a new place because your guy repossessed his property.

It’s not new; of men who take back the gifts they bought you when you were together.

Should it even happen?

I’d like to believe that the motive behind repossession is to avoid the feeling of loss. Maybe she cheated and he found out, maybe she’s the one who left him high and dry. The need to take back all those little gifts could be a cheap (or very expensive, depending on how much you’ve been spending) source of consolation.

However, I am a firm believer that a relationship is like a church. You can’t take back what you already gave and we all know it’s impossible to ask the usher for change when you give out offering.

So why cheapen something that was so great at some point in your life? Fine, it didn’t work out but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t at one moment find pleasure in giving out that gift to your girl.

It goes to show just how materialistic and conditional your relationship was. Are you publicly accepting that you were of no good to a woman other than giving her money?

But then again, look at Beyoncé and just how boss she was when she told Jay Z that she could leave and her babies and still be alright? There is something very sexy about a woman who can up and leave with nothing but her purse and not feel the sense of financial loss. Girl, that man will put some respect on your name.

So should a man take back the gifts he bought his girl?

No, it can’t get more tasteless than that.