6 common parenting mistakes you must avoid

It's bad parenting

Your children look up to you and the last thing you would want is for them to blame you in the future for failing them.

And while there is no perfect parent, there are mistakes you should avoid committing at all costs as a parent.

Some of them include:

1. Not listening to them

However busy you are, always listen to your children. Most parents are always dismissing their children giving the excuse that they are busy. If you do not listen to them, you might just miss important information. It’s only by listening to them that you can know what is happening in their lives and if they need help.

2. Not being their friend

Some parents still bring up their children as if we are in the 70s when parents were revered like gods. That is why children are assaulted by house helps and other cruel relatives without saying it because they are afraid of their parents.

3. Setting a bad example

Your kids watch you closely and are likely to pick up your habits. If all you do is complain all the time and spend the whole day on the screen, your kids will pick the same habits. You cannot tell them to go and study while they never see you doing anything else besides scrolling your phone.

4. Fighting in the presence of children

No matter how mad you are at each other, you should never fight in front of your kids. Wait until they are off to bed then you can start throwing tantrums if you have to. Your fights should be your business and they should never involve or affect the children.

5. Giving them all they want

You definitely want to raise your child differently and give them a better life than what you had. However, giving the child whatever they want is a big mistakes. Even if money is not a problem, teach the child to take both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for an answer.

6. Always taking your child’s side

Your child is good but definitely not an angel. It is wrong when you are always defending your child even when they are wrong. If your child has been accused of doing something wrong, listen first before jumping to defend them. If they are wrong, discipline then accordingly.


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