Here's why your man's penis can't get up and do its job

Here's why he can't get it up

Erectile dysfunction (Courtesy)

We have experienced a situation where a mans penis just couldn't get hard. There are a number of reasons why that's the case.

It can be really depressing when your man cannot perform in bed. Not just for you as the lady but also for the guy. Sex is a big part of the relationship and if the couple is not compatible sexually, the relationship is likely not to work out. Still, when a man has erectile dysfunction, it could be caused by small problems or it could be an indication of something more serious. Let's comb through some of those reasons why he won't get it up:

1. He simply got too drunk and too much alcohol affects the functioning of the penis.

2. He's high on party drugs.

Unfortunately alcohol and drug abuse can affect the functioning of the penis.

3. Tiredness.

If your man has insomnia or too much pressure at work and is too tired, he needs to get some rest because being too tired will affect his performance in bed.

4. He smokes too much.

Smoking damages the blood vessels, subsequently, inhibiting blood flow throughout the body and well, the penis needs blood for it to function so smoking too much could be one of the reasons why your man can't get his ding dong up.

5. He's on medication.

Some medicines, especially anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills cause temporary erectile dysfunction.

6. He's simply not turned on.

Even if he's not turned on after you give him the best BJ he's ever received, or after you twerk on him my sister, his mind is elsewhere, someone is servicing him better.

7. Watching too much porn.

Watching porn releases dopamine in the men's brains. Over time, these dopamine receptors become dull and the guys end up needing more graphic and hardcore porn to actually get turned on. Eventually, this habit affects the performance of the penis.

8. He's distracted.

Okay ladies, sometimes, you're actually the problem. Imagine for example having sex with a lady chewing gum loudly while you give her strokes?

9. It could be an indication of something more serious like heart disease or diabetes.

10. He has low testosterone

This is absolutely normal. With age, the testosterone levels drop and that's why you'll find older men needing the assistance of viagra to help them do the job.


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