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10 ways to show love to your pregnant wife

Are we together men?

A pregnant woman needs to feel loved and telling her how much you love her is not enough. You will have to prove your love through your actions.

Below are ways you can use to show love to your wife when she is pregnant:

1. Morning sickness


Morning sickness can be really intense in the first few months and you should be ready to handle her at this time. If she needs something to calm her down, do not hesitate to get it for her. If she cannot do her morning chores, help her or get someone to do it.

2. Cravings

Women have weird cravings when pregnant and you should learn how to deal with them without hurting her. When she asks for a mahindi choma at night, don't be mad at her. If you can get it for her, the better. But if you can't just make her understand that it's too late.

3. Help with the kids

Most of the time she will be too tired to help the kids with homework. Do what you can to ensure the other kids are just fine so that she does not feel like they are neglected.


4. Cooking

She can't cook? But you can. So, why not cook for your family when she feels too tired or sick. Sometimes pregnant women cannot tolerate the food aroma and this is where you come in as the husband.

5. Laundry

Because your wife is pregnant and she cannot do the laundry is not an excuse to go to work in a dirty shirt. Show her some love and make the effort to clean your own clothes and hers as well.


6. Accompany her to the doctor

Show her that you are equally interested in the wellbeing of your unborn baby by accompanying her to the hospital. This way, she will not feel like she is being overburdened with everything.

7. Tolerate venting

She might be moody at times and you should be the last person to judge or pick fights with her. Be gentle with her and always be open to her venting. It's just for a while after all.


8. Massage her

In the evening, massage her aching back, the baby bump and her feet. This will help her relax and also feel your warmth and care.

9. Maternity shoot

While you may not be into photo shoots, at least do it for her sake. You do not have to accompany her to every shoot but at least appear in some of them. She wants to keep every memory of her pregnancy journey with the people close to her and you can't afford to disappoint her.

10. Tell her you love her


With the change in moods, the sickness and fatigue, it's easy for her to feel unappreciated. Remind her that she is still beautiful and you still love her even more now that she is carrying your baby.


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