Real struggles of being an only child in your family

Everyone thinks you are spoiled

Being an only child(EURweb)

You may have heard all sorts of myths about being an only child. Whether you are a dozen or just alone in your family, each has its pros and cons.

If you are an only child in your family, you probably can relate to these struggles:

1. Everyone thinks you are spoiled

And yeah, you may be spoiled but just a little maybe. But it’s also not always the case. There are parents who can’t spoil you even though you are all alone.

2. You had to play alone

Growing up, you had no siblings to play with. You either had to play alone or go to your neighbor’s place.

3. No sharing responsibilities

When you need to get something for your parents, you have to do it all by yourself.

4. You asked your friend to be your sibling

You had a desire to have a brother or a sister growing up. And you actually asked one of your friends to be your sibling so that you have someone to call ‘bro’ or ‘siz’.

5. You had no one to blame

If you broke the glasses, there was no one else to blame for it and no one to share the punishment with.

6. Your parents are still overprotective

Because they do not have another child, they live in fear that their only child may be hurt or that they may lose you. They will call you every now and then even though you are old enough just to ensure you are okay.

7. You don’t understand caring is sharing

How would you understand this while you had all the toys by yourself? You are not to blame anyway.

8. You love attention

You got all of it from your parents. And because you are used to it, you will always feel a deep desire to look for it.

9. All pressure

Just as you receive all the attention from your parents, it’s the same with pressure. They have no one else to push for good grades and be that perfect kid they want.


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