6 possible reasons why some attractive men are still single

Why are some attractive men still single?

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So, the other day I met this really good-looking man in his late 30s. The ultimate bankable bachelor - good job, good looks, height, a head full of hair, name it…So, I obviously wondered why a man like him was single yet he was almost in his 40s. Of course, I went ahead and asked the million-dollar question, “Why are you single?”. “I don’t know, maybe I have issues…” he shrugged it off and we both laughed. That got me wondering why some attractive men are single either by choice or due to other circumstances and after talking to a couple of friends, these are possible reasons.

1. He’s been hurt before.

We are all humans and while some of us can take a heartbreak and move on with time, for other people, it takes time to even think about loving again. Some people, after being hurt, build a wall to protect themselves and it’s totally hard to let other people in. That’s why sometimes you will start catching feelings for someone and everything seems to be going well but suddenly, they do a disappearing act on you. It does sound like a shit excuse but it happens more often than you think.

2. He is at his prime.

A man at his prime is not likely to settle down. Think of a man who just got his dream job, he’s making good money, enjoying the attention of women, living life on the fast lane - nice cars, a great apartment and a fat cheque. A man like that will want to enjoy a bit more of his comfortable life before settling down.

3. Fear of rejection.

Did you know that this is the most common fear in the world? Everyone is afraid of being rejected, in one way or another. It hurts to be rejected. Maybe the guy is simply intimidated by women and is also afraid of being rejected.

4. Fear of responsibility.

Let’s face it. Life has become very expensive. If you have no kids and family tying you down, you can travel the world and have a decent life, after all, there is no one to share your hard earned money. See number 2.

5. He loves his freedom.

Men are not complicated beings, but they sure do love their freedom! They are well aware that the minute they get married and have kids, a chunk of that freedom will be taken away and to be quite honest, some men would just rather not.

6. He has a fixed image of what his perfect woman looks like…

and he will stop at nothing till he finds her, even if it means being single forever.


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