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Reasons why some men say no to s3x

Usha wai kaziwa Mjulu?

Reasons why men say no to sex (Black love advice)

Imagine that. A lot of times, women are in control. We are the ones who decide whether we want to have sex or not cause for some reason, the men are almost always down for it. Heck, some men will even tap anything in a skirt; and I mean literally anything. Women have their reasons not to have sex every now and then, whether one is in a relationship or it’s just a casual setup. But what about when the tables turn and the men say no to sex? What could be the issue? Well, ladies, sometimes, it’s your fault and others times, it’s not really your fault. Here are reasons why men refuse sex.

1. Low testosterone levels which then lead to low libido and the last thing the man wants is sex.

2. Performance anxiety.


He feels like he may not satisfy you or that maybe his penis is too small for you and maybe, just maybe you have seen and had better. So, aningiza maji.

3. Depression and stress.

If you think about it, even you, when you’re going through a stressful period in life, the last thing in your mind is coitus.

4. Self esteem issues.


You know how sometimes you’re afraid to take off your clothes because you’re afraid of the guy seeing your tummy or stretch marks and such? Tell you what, men go through body issues too. He may say no to sex simply because he feels fat!

5. You said no the last time he wanted and now he wants to revenge.

6. He just masturbated and now he’s satisfied.


7. He’s having an affair and is getting that good stuff elsewhere.

8. Speaking of which, maybe he’s just not attracted to you anymore.

Maybe you have lost yourself, you have gained weight and he’s not attracted to you like he once was.

9. Sex with you has become boring. You just lay there…like a log.


It’s not exciting in any possible way and he would rather just wank.

10. He has no feelings for you and he cannot have sex with someone he’s not emotionally attached to.

He's just not that into you.

11. Maybe it’s a little too soon and you’re rushing things. He's not ready!


12. None of you has condoms and he’s scared of getting a disease.

13. He drank way too much and his dick won’t get hard.


14. He’s simply too tired and just needs some rest.

15. Maybe your hygiene is wanting.

No one wants to deal with a smelly vagina and mouth. Ladies, clean your nether regions well. If you have an unusual foul smell, visit a doctor, it’s not rocket science.



Maybe he's gay and just doesn't swing that way...

There you have it.


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