12 things a man can do to make his wife's heart melt

How to make bae swoon

And sometimes just wing it when it comes to relationships. Other times, you get men who are so sensitive and empathetic that they never seem to take a wrong step. But they seem to be in the minority.

This is for those guys who need to know sure fire ways of melting a woman’s heart.

How can guys melt a woman’s heart?

With a lot of tender loving care and unabashed affection, but also by:

Taking her shopping

Just go with her, walk around with her. Don’t moan about it. Don’t complain about it. Take joy in how she has to choose between a pair of shoes she wants. Have fun with what she’s having fun with.

Tell her why she is important to you. Often.

Magazines will tell you to tell her how important she is to you. But if you have a self-assured girlfriend, she’ll ask you, “Why?”  Then you won’t know what to say because she is important to you. But when she does something amazing for you, and you feel thankful for her generosity, tell her. When she makes you feel better that instinctive way she always does, tell her. Then remind her every once in a while.

Give her plenty of massages.

When she comes home from work, and is relaxing, give her a foot rub. When she starts twisting her neck and trying to rub her shoulders- do something about it. Massage her as often as you can when the occasion calls for it.

Be emotional around her.

If something affects you, let her know. She’ll always be there for you. If you feel sad, let her know. If you feel frustrated, let her know. The way you’re always there for her whether it’s because the manicurist ruined her nails to when her job is killing her, let her be there for you too.

Constantly touch her.

Play with her hair, pinch her side, tweak her nose, stroke her cheek.

Or all of the above.

Open up about yourself.

Let her know your quirks, your past and your preferences by talking to her. Let her find out not by trial and error but because you engage in conversation where you learn these things about each other.

Groom as she says.

If she likes your beard, keep it. If she picked you an outfit, wear it. Even though it’s “not your style”, just do it.

Indulge in her fantasies.

Has she always wanted to play naughty nurse in the bedroom? Try it. If it doesn’t work out, find out something else that can mutually pleasure you. Go out of your own way to see if her “out there” preferences are something that can bring great satisfaction to you both.

Kiss her. A lot.

Making out is awesome. If you don’t understand the intricacies of it, google it. But kiss her as often as you can if circumstances allow. When you part, smooch her on the cheek or her lips. Every time you’re leaving, make sure your lips are the last thing to get separated. Put your hands in her back pockets as you pull her closer to you. Dig your fingers into her hair as you do it, if she has a weave, put your hands gently around her neck.

Leave her notes in places she doesn’t expect.

If y’all are the kind of couple to have sticky notes or note pads, write cute loving notes that she could find where she least expects it. The way she sends you texts in the middle of the day that unexpectedly cheer you up, do the same but with a more personal touch. Tell her you love her, leave a note in her shoes.

Let her know she’s always sexy to you.

Since this is true anyway, just make the effort to tell her.  A majority of men have shown that they find their wives and girlfriends beautiful no matter what they wear or what size they are, but if you want her heart to turn into goo, tell her.

Let her baby you.

She wants to take care of you, let her. She wants to smother you. Pamper you. Let her. She wants to take you for a spa treatment or a facial- just go. If you have a headache and she wants to mother you, dabbing your forehead with a heat pack- let her. If you have a bruise and she gets mad- let her vent. If it’s nippy and she nags that you should wear a sweater or socks- just do it.

Do something unexpected for her.

You know that one thing she would never expect you to do for her, if it ever happens that she needs something from you in that regard, boyfriend up and do it.

For instance, if she has a dog and you hate animals. And someday she is home late from work, walk the dog for her. One day she’s late from work and supper will be late. Order a meal in or take her to dinner or the best option- cook her one of yours/her favourites.

Other things you can do are:

- Hugging her from behind.

-Carrying her any time you can, just because.

-Hug her longer than necessary.

-Slow dance even when there is no music.

-Send her flowers at work.


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