I'm worried that I'm more educated than my fiance; is this normal?

We almost preparing for our wedding, but I'm confused whether to go on with it or not.

Dear Bukky,

Please help me out because I don't know if I'm taking the right decision.

My boyfriend is 30yrs while I'm 28 years. I'm a B.Sc holder while he is an SSCE holder.

Although I've introduced him to my family and we are on the way to preparing for our wedding, but I'm confused whether to go on with it because of our educational differences.

Please help a sis.______________

Dear reader,

Everything  seems  just OK from the scenario you painted in your email above.

I mean, your family is not giving you a hard time for bringing home someone with a different educational background to yours, and I want to assume he’s been great partner, if not you would not be considering marrying him at all in the first instance.

I think this is just the typical pre-marriage jitters almost everyone faces.

That fear and concern is usually there for a lot of, where you wonder again if you are making the right choice to marry someone, and really, it is perfectly Ok. Doubts don’t always mean something is wrong. It could just

I only need you to sit down now and think it through long and hard - are you worried about his educational background or is it something else entirely that does not feel right about the whole situation?

If this is a matter of coercion or pressure due to age or something , of course, you shouldn’t do it if you don’t want to.

But if it’s something you want to do, why not?!

I think if he’s a great person and amazing as a partner and feels just right enough for you, you should go ahead and be with him. I don’t think you should let his lack of education stand in your way.

I mean, if his education mattered that much, you wouldn’t have dated him long enough to the point of introducing him to your folks and setting marriage plans in motion, right?

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