10 clear signs that your relationship could last forever

This is how you know you and bae were meant to be.

But here are 10 sure fire ways of knowing that you and your spouse are in it for the long run.

You’re friends first

If you can handle being platonically involved as well as being romantically involved, you’re on the right track. If your boyfie or wifie is the first person you want to tell any udaku or something that’s troubling you. If your partner is basically your bff, you’re destined to be together. Or you act like big kids.

You trust each other

You’re never worried about where your partner is. You can be vulnerable around each other and you aren’t anxious that your spouse will mock you or invalidate your feelings. You know bae would never cheat on you or lie to you. You are fiercely protective of your relationship from external pressures and can fight each other's battles.

You support each other’s goals

Whether you have similar goals or different ones, the support is endless. Most other sites will tell you that your forever person shares your goals but relationships are made of two different individuals. You’re merging lives, not minds.

You have sex.

As frequently as possible. If you’re both busy, you always find ways to make for some sexy time either by carving out a date night in the midst of your busy schedule or you make do with quickies, sexting or other sexy time things busy couples do.

You chat

You and bae have conversations nearly endlessly. They can range from the super important like politics to the mundane, like your favourite memes.

You solve your problems

When you and bae have an issue, you talk about it and find a way to fix it. Together. When you are having couple problems, you seek help together.

You can’t stay mad at bae

Anger has no place in your hearts. Grudges are foreign to your relationship. You may even have a rule that states that you don’t go to bed angry.

You make each other laugh

Whether it’s sharing memes, or going to see Churchill for date night, you always laugh together.

You meet your partner’s needs

Whatever it is, you always strive to make sure that bae gets what s/he needs. You’re both selfless.

You appreciate your differences

You have more acceptance than compromise in your relationships. You always find ways to co-exist what your variances rather than making bae give up that thing they like.


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