6 worrying signs that your relationship is falling apart

Needs to be salvaged


Bringing a relationship to an end or telling your partner that ‘it’s over’ is not also an easy thing to do.

All in all, you can watch out for some signs to predict if your relationship is falling apart. Here are some of them:

1. Reduced communication

Communication is key in every relationship. And while you will want to keep on checking on your partner after every few hours at the honeymoon stage, it reduces with time. However, if the communication has rapidly dropped or there is no communication at all, there is a hitch.

2. Time together

Earlier, you looked forward to spend time with your partner on weekends. Nowadays, you both are too busy to make time for your relationship. Probably, the issue is not time but rather the time spent together is no longer a priority.

3. No intimacy

Even though relationships are not all about sex, it’s a powerful tool in keeping the couple connected both physically and emotionally. But if you don’t feel like it anymore, your relationship is slowly falling apart and needs salvage.

4. Endearment terms

How your partner addresses you speaks volumes of what they feel about you. If they are so much in love with you, they wouldn’t be calling you ‘Michael’ like everyone else. If the terms ‘sweetheart’, ‘darling’, ‘bae’ and ‘honey pie’ have been replaced by your real name, something is amiss.

5. Your conscience

Whenever there is a problem, our gut is always alert to detect it. If you have a feeling that the relationship is sinking and that all is not well, you probably are right.

6. Your partner is ever irritating

When you are tired of being in a relationship, everything your partner does becomes irritating. You start hating his flaws and see nothing of his positive side.


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