7 important things you should know before getting married

Get it right

People are different and so are marriages. What makes a certain marriage work may not necessarily make yours work.

But before you commit yourself to the marriage covenant, here are some important things you must put in mind:

1. There are ups and downs

No marriage is perfect and all marriages have their unique challenges. You will disagree, fight, and hurt each other sometimes. So, better be prepared and be sure that you can handle your partner at their worst of moments before you get married.

2. Friendship

After the honeymoon period is gone, all the children are grown and you are both retired, it will only be the two of you left. Will you still enjoy spending time with your partner while looking back at your younger days? Your partner should first be your best friend before they become a husband or wife.

3. Sexual compatibility

Before getting married, be sure that you are sexually compatible. It is not automatic that the person you are dating will be compatible with you hence the reason you should figure things out before getting married.

4. You can’t change a person

People assume that their partners will change with time and they end up divorcing shortly after marriage. If you are dating a drug addict, do not assume that you will help them quit drugs. Ask yourself if you are prepared to share your life with your partner without changing a thing about them.

5. Compromise

Marriage means sharing your life with another human being and like it or not, you will have to throw away your selfishness. You will be forced to make comprises for the sake of your partner from time to time.

6. Decisions

Having another person in your life means that you will have to consult each other before making decisions. If you are used to doing things your own way without seeking advice or approval from anyone, that won’t work in marriage.

7. Communication

If you are having problems communicating and opening up to your partner, you should work on that first. A good marriage is built on a foundation of trust as well as communication. Learn to talk about your fears and any concerns you may have with your partner for an easier time in marriage.


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