5 reasons why the nice guy gets dumped

Nice guys sometimes finish never

Nice guys always seem to finish last. Especially when it comes to getting the girl. While the simple truth is that women generally prefer “bad boys”, it may be more of a fascination thing.

Simple, nice dudes get dumped for the exciting “rude boy” for these reasons. Sometimes.


Nice guys seem to lack spontaneity. They’re cautious, accountable and as reliable as a Casio calculator. Some women want a guy who gets her engine running by being unique and somewhat rebellious. The kind of guy who would rather go zip lining at a forbidden river than on a wholesome picnic. With brown bread. And carries sunscreen.

Too much compatibility

The nice guy is one who probably doesn’t want to rock the boat or make waves. Some of them go as far as rolling over just to avoid confrontation. When he ends up appearing like a doormat, she’ll just leave.

No challenge

It’s said that women prefer diamonds in the rough. A boyfriend a la Damon Salvatore who they can change. A kind of passion project that guarantees out of this world sex and experiences but nice guys are already nice. There’s no challenger. No need for effort. No inspiration for passion.


If the guy is really nice. Super nice, like little brother nice, feelings may transform and become more platonic rather than sexual. She may give you the let’s be friends speech before she even got to see your bedroom.

Bad reputation

The thing about being a sweetheart is that it becomes almost like a double edged sword. She knows you would never hurt her and are probably more responsible than a paranoid mother hen but because you’re nice she’ll see it as “average”. Nice sounds just “fine”.

The best thing is, if she’s too “edgy” to appreciate that fact that you’re a nice guy then she’s definitely not the right woman for you.


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