5 things Kenyan men should stop expecting in relationships

Some men still expect their wives to wash their underwear.

But some men enter these relationships already expecting things that haven’t been jointly agreed upon.

Here are a few things Kenyan men should stop expecting in relationships.


Not every woman is out to cheat you or steal from you. Paranoia is not attractive. If you don’t trust her, why are you pursuing a relationship with her in the first place?

To be the priority

Women have a lot going on in their lives. Their jobs, their friends, their businesses, their families and most importantly themselves. You will find a crop of men who get offended by the fact that their wives and girlfriends have other goings-on in their lives.

A housemaid

Because of the way Kenyan men were raised, they were led to believe that women were there to service them. They believe that their wives were meant to cook for them, clean after them and do everything for them.

A doormat

Some men foolishly believe that when they get married, their wives will agree with everything they have to say. That they will dictate her political affiliation, where the children will go to school and others even go as far as expecting her to roll over and quit her job for him.

Conditional love

Yes, there are gold diggers out there but most women are actually loving, caring and supportive. Kenyan men need to stop expecting that she will only last in the relationship if she gets stipends, moneys or monetary gifts. Stop thinking you’ll have to bribe her to stay in a relationship with you.


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