Why women lie about the number of sex partners they’ve had

They're some secrets they'll never tell and one of them is how many men they've slept with

When it comes to how many men a woman has slept with however, the reception is usually considerably different, so much so that a lot of women choose to keep their ‘number’ a secret.

Here are some reasons why women lie about how many men they have slept with.


Women don’t want to be judged by how many men they have slept with.

The words ‘loose’ and ‘whore’ – among others – may be used a bit too often if the number of men a woman has slept with is known and it’s easier to lie about the number.


For some women, fear drives them to not reveal how many men they may have slept with. They judge themselves harshly and are ashamed of the number of men they have slept with so they opt to lie.

Worse yet, if they reveal the actual number of men that they have slept with especially to their significant other then things may turn out for the worst in the long run and their relationship may end up not working.

3.It’s their business

Some women feel like revealing the number of men they’ve slept with is purely their business and nobody else’s – even their partner.

4.Women that have not slept around are seen as more valuable

A man will mess around with a woman that’s ‘been around’ – will probably never admit it – but will never settle down with them – at least that’s the common belief.

Having that in mind, some women don’t want to be the girl that a man messes around with but never marries.


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