I drugged my mom so that I'd go out with my boyfriend

I regret it every day – #shelife

Stressed woman(madamenoire)

First, before you crucify me, I would like to state that I ’m not proud of what I did. It’s one thing I still regret up to to date. It was a mistake and I should have known better than to drug my own mother.

You see, I grew up in a family where girls were not allowed to go out. My brothers, on the other hand, could go out and my parents had no problem with that. Of course, this was unfair if you asked me then.

I would always sneak out every time I got a chance with the help of my brothers and luckily, my parents never found out. I say luckily because if my mom ever knew about it, well, I can’t even imagine what could have happened because she was very strict and tough.

I wanted to go out on new year eve

Then came this day that my mom couldn’t fall asleep and I really wanted to go out. I still remember the day like yesterday. It was on the 31st of December and I was dating this cute high school sweetheart. He was supposed to pick me that evening and then we would go out and cross over the year at a concert along Ngong road.

My mom, on the other hand, had her own plans. She wanted to cross over the year with me, her dearly beloved last born since my dad and other siblings were not home. By 10 pm, my boyfriend had already arrived but my mom showed no signs of drowsiness. She even suggested we watch a Nigerian movie, which of course I managed to dissuade her successfully even though we both loved Naija movies.

My boyfriend was getting impatient

My boyfriend was now getting impatient and he kept on texting me. I had to think fast. My mom loved drinking tea at night and she could never say no. I asked her if I could make her some and as usual, she gladly said yes. I excused myself, ran to the shop and bought lots of piriton tablets. It was the only way to get her to sleep. I mean, it was already past 11 pm and we had to get to Ngong road before 12 am.

I pounded them into a powder and added to my mom’s cup of ginger tea. Surprisingly, it worked almost instantly. As soon as she finished the tea, she excused herself to go to bed and she was sorry that she couldn’t stay with me to cross over the year. (If only she knew how excited I was)

Long story cut short, I did my makeup fast, dressed up and left with my boyfriend. Sadly, we didn’t manage to get to the concert before midnight but what mattered was that I crossed over the year with him.

So, what happened to my mom?

You must be wondering what happened to my mom already. I went back home when my mom was still deep asleep and woke up in the morning when she was still sleeping. Worried that I might have drugged my own mom to death out of stupidity, I ran to her bedroom to wake her up. It was only after shaking her up for some minutes that she woke up surprised that she had overslept since she was always an early riser.

Was what I did to my mom worth the fun I had that night? No. Did I ever tell anyone? Some years later, I told my brothers and of course, they were really mad at me. Did my mom ever know? No.


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