Telltale signs that a guy is intimidated by you

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Signs men find you intimidating(graphic)

Not all men know how to handle a strong, confident and successful woman. Instead of appreciating that you are independent and be proud of how much you have achieved, some men feel intimidated. It’s like you are too good for them or they fear that you will dominate over them.

If men find you intimidating, it becomes hard to date given that men are dominant in nature. But once you know that they find you intimidating, you can handle it without stooping low. But how do you know that a man finds you intimidating? Check out these telltale signs:

1. He is jealous

Luckily, you can always tell when a man is jealous of what you have. He will not say it but the way he behaves, you will tell that they are dying to be in your position. They might even say things to try and bring you down.

2. He doesn’t look you in the eye

Some men are naturally shy. But if most of the guys you go on dates with you never muster the strength to maintain eye contact, they probably find you intimidating.

3. He is nervous around you

When a man has a crush on you, he could act awkwardly, feel nervous and his speech could also stutter while talking. But if this is something that happens every time he is around you, it could be a sign that he feels intimidated.

4. He has not asked you out

A guy might feel attracted to you but if he is intimated, he won’t ask you out. Because he is afraid of what will happen when he finds out the much you have achieved.

5. He has not dared to approach you

So you meet at events, clubs and it all seems like a coincident? No, it’s not. He is probably interested but he finds you too intimidating to even tell you that he likes you. Maybe it’s time you start it if you are interested.

6. He brags about himself

He will tell you how large he lives, how much money he makes and how good his bedroom skills are even though you never asked. Chances are, he is trying to prove to you that he is equally good or even much better than you.

7. He sends a friend to tell you what they feel

Sounds like a high school gimmick? Well, not to a man who is interested in you but finds you intimidating.


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