Foolproof signs a guy is serious with you

What other signs do you know?

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It definitely would be nice to know if a guy you are seeing is serious or you are just passing time. It could also be that a guy is serious but you are not ready to commit to something serious and there is no need to waste their time.

If you met this guy that you are starting to like and have been wondering whether they are serious, these signs will help you be the judge and know what next step to take:

1. He won’t push for sex early on

There is no right or wrong time to have sex when dating. You are two consenting adults and whether you choose to have it on your first date is really for the two of you to decide. However, a guy who is serious with you won’t push you to have sex until they have gotten to know you well. They may ask for it but won’t insist so much or get angry when it does not happen. Because if he is serious, then he knows that he still has more time with you and it will finally come to happen when you feel ready for it.

2. He will travel miles just to see you

He won’t mind driving for an extremely long distance to come and have some good time with you. And the good time doesn’t have to include sex, yet he is comfortable with that.

 3. He is very honest with you

Honesty is the base of a solid relationship. If a man is open and honest with you, that means he is serious with you.

4. His number one goal is to make you happy

He will do anything possible just to see you smile. When he makes promises, he will make sure he keeps them because he can’t afford to disappoint you.

5. He gives you a key to his place

First, this is a sign of trust and if a guy has given you the key to his place, it means he is not in the relationship to play games.

6. He genuinely checks on you

He will call or text regularly because he is genuinely concerned about your wellbeing. He is not the kind of guy who just text, call, or visit when all they are after is sex.

7. He spends time with you

A serious guy knows the importance of bonding and spending more time together. Even when he is so busy, he will always squeeze time to just be with you.


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