Subtle signs that a coworker likes you

Can you date a colleague?

Signs a co-worker likes you (shutterstock)

Office romance can complicate business operations which is why most businesses have a policy against it. That, however, is not to say that it still doesn’t happen. I mean, we have seen people find love in their workplace which later led to the altar.

Due to office policy, or just respect for the workplace, most people try to play it cool even when they like you. They won’t come and tell you that they like you or ask you out for a date. But they are likely to send some signals with the hope that you will know how to decode them right.

If you want to know that a colleague likes you, here are some telltale signs:

1. They make time for you

Of course, work is the first priority. But, if a colleague always takes some minutes to chat with you during lunchtime or delays to go home just to talk to you or go home with you, that’s someone who likes you.

2. They notice even the smallest changes in your look

Maybe nobody noticed your new haircut apart from that one girl who never misses it. This shows that someone is interested and that they are keen on your looks.

3. They notice your mood changes

This is the kind of person who will be asking why you look sad, bored or happy? They also know when something is bothering you and are always concerned to know what the problem could be.

4. They are eager to make physical contact

Do you have that one colleague who makes sure they hug you when you bump into each other at work? Physical contact is a way of showing how one feels. Whether it’s just placing their hand on your shoulder when talking to you or frequent hi-fives, it could mean that your colleague doesn’t see you as any other colleague – they like you.

5. They ask about your friends and family

There comes a time when you find yourselves talking about friends and family in the office. But if a coworker seems to be curious to know more about your family and friends, it could mean that they are interested in knowing you better because they like you.

6. Suggests you do things together outside the office

They could suggest you go to a concert during the weekend or ask for your company as they go shopping for something.


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