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7 texting signs he likes you

 Does he like you or not?

Signs he likes you from the messages he sends you (Courtesy)

It can be hard to deduce if a guy likes you over a text message. After all, you can’t really tell the tone of the message and many a times, you can also misinterpret a text message easily. It’s easy to know when a guy is just not that into you through text messages. He will take long to respond, the conversation will feel one sided, etc. But, how about how to tell when a man likes you through his text messages?

1. He texts you goodnight and good morning every day.

This is because you’re one of the first people he thinks about when he wakes up and he wants to be your first and last thought as well. It’s also kind of a code for “Hey! I’m here, don’t start talking to other guys please!”

2. He constantly asks how you’re doing, feeling, how your day is unfolding etc.


He wants you to know that he’s someone you can confide in and is trying to become more important to you and is trying to get you to see him as loving and supportive.

3. He answers all the questions you ask in a message.

You know when you send a long message with like 3 different questions and the person only replies with an answer to only one question? If a guy really likes you, he will read and re-read the message and undress everything in it, answering all your questions in detail. By him answering all questions, he’s extending the conversation and wants you to talk to him more and more. 

4. He will reply your texts in a timely manner.


Sure, he may be late if he’s busy but, he will not fail to respond any of your messages and he will do so in a timely manner.

5. He’s always trying to make you smile and laugh.

Many guys know that humor is one of the ways into a girl’s heart and if he makes the effort to try and make you laugh, he is genuinely into you.

6. He gives you a cute pet name and constantly compliments.


“Hey buttercup.” If you get a cool nickname, embrace it, he likes you. If he compliments you all the time, it’s also a sign that he likes you.

7. He sends you really long messages.

Men are typically lazy texters, so if he sends you really long messages, he could be trying to show off his intellect or maybe he has so many things to say to you since you’re all he’s been thinking about. Also, if he asks a lot of questions that potentially have long answers, he probably wants that conversation to go on and on and well, that’s a good sign that he likes you. 


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