Signs the man you're seeing is already taken

Look for another guy sis


Yup, a player, just looking for a lil extra loving, shamelessly. The last thing you want is to waste your time as a side piece or making another woman’s man happy. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, what next? Well, there are little telltale signs that he’s already taken. You just have to be on the lookout. Here they are:

1. He really guards his phone, and takes his phone calls in private.

2. And when you happen to ask who that was, he always says something like “That was my sister” “That was my BFF…”

3. He has never invited you to his place. He always insists to come to yours.

4. And if you go out for a date, he’s more into the ‘out of town’ kinda dates.

5. For some reason, he’s always busy on weekends and on public holidays.

6. So he only calls you at his convenience and at odd hours, without any consistency.

7. He has probably saved you under a pseudo name. Ever heard of stories where the sides are saved as 'Battery Low'?

8. He insists he doesn’t like pictures when you ask to take photos together.

9. And if you do, he prefers that you use your phone.

10. You’re not friends on social media and even if you are, on Facebook, you’re probably on the restricted list and cannot see anything, nor tag him on anything.

11. You have caught him in small lies here and there.

12. He always watches his clothes when you hug, so that you don’t leave any lipstick or foundation marks.

13. Your gut feeling tells you that something is odd.


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