Signs you should get back with your ex

Could you get back with your ex?

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There are people you break up with and that becomes the end of it. That you would not even take millions of money to be back with them because you had enough already.

Then there are those you are still not sure of whether you should be back together. Some part of you still wants them back but you are somehow afraid. If you have been wondering whether you should get back with your ex, the signs below are a clear indication that you should give each other a second chance:

1. You genuinely miss each other

If you have been talking and you genuinely miss the old good times you had, you should probably give it another chance.

2. You are older and wiser

When you are younger, you can make hasty decisions out of anger. And maybe your decision to break up was just due to anger and you both regret it. If you both see things in a different way now, no harm trying again.

3. The reason behind the breakup

Like aforementioned, if the reason for the break up was something as petty being out of control of your emotions, you can work on it. That is if both of you feel the same.

4. You have forgiven each other

If you have forgiven your partner or they have forgiven you, it just shows that you are both mature enough to accept your mistakes and forgive each other.

5. You or your partner has changed

You cannot really change a person unless they choose to change. If your partner was an alcoholic and has since changed for the better, why not give them a chance?

6. You’ve sorted out your issues

Maybe it just couldn’t work because you both lived in different cities. But now that you both work in the same city, it means things could work.

7. You compare every other date to them

Because they were great and no one ever made you happier than your ex. If they feel the same and you are both single, don’t be afraid to try again.


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