8 signs he will make a great daddy

You are lucky to have him

Father and baby(Fatherhood)

Parenting is not easy and requires commitment and cooperation. More often than not, fathers neglect their parenting roles.

If you are wondering whether your boyfriend will be a great dad, here are some signs to watch out for:

1. He helps around the house

If he helps you with household chores, trust you me he will have no problem helping you with the kids. He will help changing diapers, babysitting while you do other chores and helping the kids with their homework while you cook.

2. He doesn’t take life too seriously

Of course he should not be a joker with everything. A dad needs to be a lively and lovely person who can play around with kids.

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3. He is able to manage stress

Stress affects everyone but how you manage it is what makes the difference. If your boyfriend is able to manage the stress he gets from work, friends and family, then no doubt he will make a good daddy. It means he will manage the stress that come with being a parent and at the same time not neglect his other duties.

4. He is protective

If he protects you without going overboard, he will do the same with your children.

5. He is responsible

Both marriage and parenthood come with responsibility. If he is responsible with his own life and finances, he can as well make a responsible daddy.

6. He loves kids

This is no brainer. To be a good dad, he must be a lover of kids. If he dislikes being around other people’s kids, you can’t be sure that he will love his own.

7. He makes time to be with you

A man who will go a step ahead to spend some time with you means he values you. It’s also a sign that he will be creating time to be with you and the kids in future.

8. He is attentive

Every lady loves a man who can listen to her. And if your boyfriend is of that kind, lucky you because he will also be a great daddy. He will not be the type who dismisses everything the kids say just because he is the man of the house.


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