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Signs your relationship is getting serious

Is your man in it for the long haul?

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When you start seeing someone new, with time, you get to know if they’re serious about you or not, from the little things they do and even the effort they make towards the relationship. Sometimes, a guy is not really serious maybe he just wants to bang, then move on to the next girl. However, there are some other guys who genuinely want to take the relationship to the next step. So, how do you know if he’s getting serious with you? Here are some signs:

1. You have met his friends.

If he wasn’t serious about you, he really wouldn’t introduce you to his closest friends and let you hang around them.

2. You have met some of his family members.


Similarly, a guy introducing you to his family members is actually a milestone. In fact, some people consider this as one of the biggest clues that the guy is serious about the relationship. Not only does he want to introduce you to them but to also seek some sort of approval from those closest to him.

3. He talks about future plans.

A man that’s serious about you will be honest and open with you and make his true intentions clear, including, telling you where he sees the relationship going. Talking about future plans such as marriage or even travel are good indicators that when he thinks about the future, he sees you in it. In addition, if he's serious about you, he will make plans around you.

4. He confides in you on serious issues.


He’s looking to create an emotional bond with you and build trust. It also means that he trusts your opinion, which is definitely a good thing.

5. He checks in on you all the time.

He sends you good morning messages, asks how you’re holding up, wants to know about your work and well-being, whether you have eaten or not and overall, he genuinely cares about you.

6. Social media.


He posts pictures of you, tags you in upcoming events and is not scared to share his phone password with you or show you off to his friends, that’s another big sign that he’s in it for the long haul. There’s a reason why ‘Instagram-official couple’ is actually a word these days, and a significant one, for that matter.

7. You move in together or he gives you the key to his house.

This is another big indication that he’s serious about you. If he allows you into his personal space, it means he really trust you and sees you as a potential addition in his life and wants you to stick around as much as possible.


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