11 good reasons why you should stay single longer

Don't be in a hurry

Are you in that category? I mean, it's always nice to have someone - a companion, someone that you can share your life with and eventually grow old together. It's cute even. But that comes with it's own cons, like, you no longer have as much freedom as you did before and all. But, until you find someone that genuinely truly adds value to your life and you fall deeply in love with them and could see yourself waking up next to that face all your life, then by all means, stay single. We know you already know the other reasons why it's okay to stay single, like to work on yourself, your career, passions and what not so don't worry, we will not bore you with that. Here are badass reasons to stay single longer:

1. You don't have to share a bed with someone.

2. Or the TV remote. In fact, you can watch whatever the f*ck you want to watch at whatever time.

3. Your food and snacks are all for you. We all know how hard it can be to share snacks and food with another human.

4. You don't have to worry about someone lying to you and cheating on you.

5. And the beauty with that is you can sleep with whoever the f*ck you feel like.

6. And if that's not your cup of tea, masturbation is always a better option when you don't want to deal with mediocre d*ick.

7. Cost sharing? Hells naw! Your money is your money.

8. And speaking of which, you don't have to spend your hard earned money buying silly gifts on Valentine's Day.

9. To be quite honest, you're too busy working on yourself, building your empire and you don't care about that biological clock or what society thinks.

10. You really love your freedom, peace and quiet. If you feel like packing your bags and going to Macchu Pichu, no one is stopping you.

10. Actually, there are no good men around. All the good ones are broke, ugly, gay or unavailable.

11. You know that it's okay to be single, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. You're beautiful and worthy of love and one day, someone will see in you what no one saw.

But for now....Enjoy the ride boo!


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