Struggles of being a new mom nobody tells you about

Stress tupu

Mom holding baby(Mothering)

Bringing a life into this world is such a beautiful thing. So beautiful that you can’t wait to hold your little one on your hands.

But guess what, when the Swahilis said that ‘kuzaa si kazi, kulea ndio’, they were 101% correct. Motherhood is not easy especially if you are a first-time mom. The baby completes your palace but it comes with challenges that you may have never imagined.

If you are a mom already, we bet you can relate to the below struggles of being a first-time mom. And if you are expectant, they will help you to be ready for it:

1. You have trouble breastfeeding

Isn’t this supposed to come naturally? You would think so but this is not always the case. You have to learn how to do it and it’s not easy. Sadly, everyone will be pressuring you to nurse the baby which is frustrating and will even make the activity harder.

2. You are sore

You have sore cs wounds or vaginal tears. And ooh, constipation and hemorrhoids won’t let you poop in peace.

3. You become paranoid

It’s usually so tiny that you even fear to hold it or to dress it. You feel like you will hurt it when dressing. But the worst of it is bathing it! How do you even hold it without drowning it?

4. You are uncomfortable with your body

You may even be ashamed of your own body and feel conscious when around people. With the enlarged breast, excess weight and a sagging tummy, it never feels the same.

5. You feel like giving up your job

Here’s a baby that needs you but on the other hand are bills in waiting for you. You are put in a dilemma to choose between a job and your little one.

6. You don’t know whose advice to take

And it confuses the hell out of you. One tells you to bath your baby every day and another will tell you to wait until the baby is a few months old.

7. Even changing a diaper is not easy

Trust you me, it’s not. Unless you have had an experience with newborns before.

8. You feel neglected

There are times you will feel like the whole world is against you, including your own husband. These are the times you will need your own mom more.


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