Successful dating tips for introverts

Try them

Couple on date(graphic)

Going for a date with a new person gets everyone anxious but it’s a real nightmare for introverts.

Since introverts value their alone time more, they find it difficult to interact and make new friends. If you are one, these dating tips for introverts will help you through:

1. Be real

We all want to make a big impression on our first date. While the first impression really matters, stick to being yourself. Choose outfits that you are comfortable in and don’t even try to pretend that you are not an introvert. They should be the one to accept you rather than you changing your personality to get accepted. 

2. Get comfortable

First choose a location that you will be most comfortable. A restaurant you have been to before is a good idea since you will be able to focus more on your date rather than the atmosphere.

3. Ask questions to keep the conversation on

Starting the conversation may not be easy. But you can return the questions asked to you just to keep the conversation on. Also think of creative questions you can ask your date. A single questions can actually lead to an easy and interesting conversation.

4. Get upfront with your introversion

Your date could actually mistake your silence for lack of interest. Instead of that, just be upfront about it and tell them that you are an introvert. That way, they will not expect you to be all chatty.

5. Go to the movies

If you both enjoy watching a match, then go for it. You can also go to the movies. This way, you won’t have to talk much and you will also have something to talk about after the movie.


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