Taraji P. Henson spills tea on what men really, truly want from women

She makes a very fair, relatable point.

Taraji P Henson knows one or two things about men [Credit: Jimmy Fallon Show]

For years and years, several generations of women have always wondered what men truly want from them. The question is valid till date.

Far too many women have gone into relationships with a foreknowledge of what they think men want, only to get into those relationships to find out that the needs of their partners are vastly different from what they thought they’d be required to give in the relationship.

Well, here is what famous prolific actress. Taraji P Henson has to say about that:

"I think the biggest misconception is thinking they want something totally different than we want," The movie star says. "I think all humans want security when it comes to relationships. They want unconditional love. They want a mother's love. That's what everybody wants - to feel safe, to have a home to go to. To have somewhere to share their darkest secrets, to feel vulnerable."

Her thoughts on this subject are pretty much in-time, given that she has just featured in a movie titled "What Men Want", which is due for release in February, 2019.

During a screening session in Atlanta, USA, for the movie which also features Erykah Badu and Tracy Morgan, director, Will Parker, tells xoNecole, that:

"Women probably think men are more complex than we are. I think you guys know that we are pretty simple. I don't think you know how simple we are. That's all I am going to say.

“Men are simple and easy. We have to counterbalance the complexity that you guys have. All we do is try to get through life with the least amount of work possible."

Speaking of misconceptions that women have about men, here are some more of them that you may need to start disregarding henceforth.


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