Telltale signs that you are compatible with your partner

There's someone for everyone

A happy young couple enjoying breakfast in their home.

One of the reasons why relationships fail terribly is due to incompatibility. If you and your partner are not compatible, you will always be fighting. That’s why you break up with someone you thought was the craziest but then, they get into another relationship with someone else and it works perfectly well. As they say, there is always someone for everyone – including the craziest.

Once you meet someone and feel like you are ready to start dating again, it’s good to have your eyes wide open. It’s the only way to spot red flags that might cause trouble later. You also need t figure out if you are actually compatible with your partner.

For instance, the signs below show that you are compatible with your new partner, meaning that the relationship might work:

1. You share common interests

This is something you know right on your first date. That’s why the questions about hobbies and interests might be cliché but still important to ask on the first date. Otherwise, how else would you know what your date likes? If you both prefer being around people, or share other interests like cooking or traveling, then you two might be compatible.

2. You are comfortable around each other

You can be sad, angry, moody or happy around them without feeling awkward. You know your partner won’t judge you and you can be yourself around them no matter what.

3. You have common core values

What do you two believe in? Core values can bring you together or set you apart. Even something like a difference in cultural beliefs can be so problematic in a relationship.

4. You have a similar upbringing

This does not mean that your relationship won’t work if you and your partner have a different upbringing. Even so, it’s easier to bond with someone who had an upbringing similar to yours. For instance, if you both grew up in the ghetto or were brought up by strict parents, you can easily relate and understand each other.

5. You fight, disagree, and it’s still fine

It’s normal to fight in relationships. If you and your new partner are compatible, you will fight but the fight won’t change how you feel towards each other. You appreciate that it’s okay to have different opinions.


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