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How long should you wait for a text response from your crush?

According to research you don't have to wait that long.

It’s a scary feeling.

But while you have the constant urge to check your phone for a response or (If you’re like me) wallow in despair while you read and analyze your message for the million douchebag meanings it could be sending, scientists say that you actually don’t have to wait that long for a response.

According to research conducted by a dating app known as Hinge, chances are that you’ll receive a response in the first thirty minutes.


The research by Hinge was inspired by a question that many of its users asked on double texting.

Does sending a second message to an unresponsive potential love increase the chances of receiving a text back or should one leave it at the first text?

The Hinge team analyzed over 300,000 conversations on their app to find out what percentage of both single and double-texters got a response within the same 24 hours and the kind of response it was.

The Results

According to their data, the chances of receiving a text back after a single text is 30 minutes and the percentage of responses on their site ranged between 55%-38%. This continued to decrease over the hours. However, there is still a chance that you may get a response after the first thirty minutes.


Still, the dating experts believe that double texting if done at the right time is not such a big deal. In fact, a second text increases the chance that your crush will text back at all.

And what is the right time, you ask?

Hinge experts say that you should give yourself at least four hours before sending the second text.


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