Perfect memes for single people on Valentine's Day

Single people, this one is for you


Are you baeless this Valentine’s don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, most people also don’t have AIDS on World AIDS day and yeah, I totally stole that somewhere, not sure where. Lol anyway, there are many advantages of being single on Valentine’s Day, no gift pressures, you don’t owe anyone sex, you don’t have to spend money on anyone and you can spend your day sneering at couples oh, plus, you don’t have to wear red on that day. In fact, you have better things to do on that day than worrying about love, like looking at Valentine’s memes like these:

1.Best believe!

2.We have better things to do.

3.Stop asking us why we are single.

4.Urgh, it's about that time!


6.If someone asks you the silly question.

7.Who knows...


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