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8 things men appreciate more in women than good looks

Looks can be deceiving…

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Looks can be deceiving is what they say. And well, there is some truth in it. Not every good looking person is good when it comes to character. Plus, gone are the days when all that mattered was a woman’s beauty.

In fact, there are certain aspects that men appreciate more in a woman than her looks. But if you can have the good looks and still possess the below traits, you will win him over:

1. Good hygiene


Naturally, women are expected to be more hygienic than men. No man will appreciate a woman who can’t maintain her personal hygiene.

2. Sense of humor

Just like women, men appreciate a woman with a good sense of humor. He doesn’t want to be the only one giving the jokes. Instead, he would love to laugh at her woman’s jokes as well.

3. A woman who can be real

Be all you can be but don’t be fake or try to change your personality for whatsoever reason.


4. Personality

It’s everything.

5. Playfulness

Every man desires a woman to tease him and cheer him up when he is bored or angry.


6. A good cook

The way to man’s heart is through his stomach. He may not complain about your poor cooking skills but deep inside he wishes you knew how to cook.

7. A good listener

Women are chatty in nature. But a woman who can listen to what his man has to say without unnecessary interjections is one that every man admires.


8. Supportive

Men appreciate a woman who can stand by them and support their ambitions. If he is starting up something, he will want a woman to encourage him and show him that it’s possible.


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