6 biggest first date turn offs for women

Men, this is why you’re not getting that second-date offer

Couple on a bad date

We all want to find love – the Ciara and Russell kind of love. But to do that, we have to put ourselves out there, kiss a few frogs and go on dozens of dates in the hopes of finding the one. As you probably know, a first date could go three ways; either really well, terribly or you could end up just becoming buddies. One thing for sure about a first date is that you have to leave a great or lasting impression. The goal is to have the person you’re on a date with want to see you again, and again. You can’t do that unless you impress her. The more I go on dates, the more I realize that most men just don’t seem to give a damn about making an impression and they wonder why they got blocked or never hear back from the girl. Well, here is why. Going forth, take note of these things that are the biggest turn offs for women. If you stop doing them, maybe just maybe, you’ll get those second dates.

1. You lack confidence and your insecurities show.

One thing that many men don’t understand is that there’s nothing that turns off a woman faster than a man who is not confident. If you cannot be confident in yourself, how will she be confident that you can even make her happy or that you can both have a successful relationship?

2. Bad hygiene.

This is no brainer. If you go on a date with dirty fingers, you smell funky, you haven’t had a haircut or shaved your beard in months and you’re dressed like a hobo, she will not take you seriously. At the same time, do not overdo it so as not to come off like you’re trying too hard. Your perfume should not be too much for example, don’t suit up if you’re going for a casual date, moderation is key.

3. Bad shoes.

This may sound petty but I assure you, shoes are everything. Pick your first date pair of shoes properly because it can determine how your date goes.

4. Don’t be rude to the people around you.

Service people like waiters, guards and generally, anyone else around you. If you are rude to the water for instance, it goes to show that that’s who you really are and you’re just putting on a façade to try and impress her and she will read between the lines. A little courtesy goes a long way. No one wants to be with a man who cannot respect people around him because sooner than later, should that date blossom into a relationship, you’re the one who will be getting disrespected. So, gents, have some manners when on a date.

5. You have nothing going on with your life.

You lack inspiration, you’re not following your dreams, you don’t have your ducks in a row. You’re just there, stuck in a rut, waiting for a miracle. A majority of women will prefer to be with a man who is busy chasing his dreams and working on the best version of himself. Remember, a first date’s purpose is to see whether the two of you can really work out so if you show a woman you really have nothing going on for yourself, what do you expect?

6. Talking smack about your ex.

Your ex should not even come up on a first date conversation. That’s the past, you’re there to get to know this other person. So, don’t bring up your ex and if you happen to, because sometimes it does happen, even if it kills you, talk about positive things. If you portray your ex in a negative manner, your date will think that if you ever date, you’ll go on to say mean things about her and that shows your character. 


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