12 surefire ways to be a better parent

Be a good example

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Have you ever come across those really annoying kids and you literally feel like pinching them?

I honestly cannot stand naughty kids and when I see one, I judge the mother, simply because, it's your responsibility as a parent to bring up your child properly and instill good manners in them. Sometimes, parents get so carried away with work and life and actually forget to be there for their kids. You'll see a mom walk in after a long day of work and simply ask the maid if the child has eaten and done homework and that's just about it. What happened to bonding with your child everyday and knowing every detail about what's going on in their lives? Did you know that kids go through depression too? You have employed your nanny to assist you, not raise your kid on your behalf. That said, here's how you can be a better parent.

1. First of all, quit yelling!

You'll constantly see irate mothers looking frustrated as hell shouting around the mall. Yelling is not the solution. Calmly talk to your child if they are misbehaving and let them know that what they're doing is wrong and tell them what is right.

2. Be a good example.

Monkey see, monkey do. If your child sees you eating with your mouth open or picking your nose, they will do the same. You also need to watch your company and the people you're hanging out with as kids pick a lot from the people they are constantly around and a lot of those things they are picking could be terrible habits. This also includes language. Mind your language around your kids.

3. Teach your kids gratitude.

Teach your kids how to be kind and respectable humans. I mean, a simple 'thanks' and 'you're welcome' will really go a long way.

4. Learn to say no sometimes.

Don't be a 'Yes' mom, by providing everything your child needs. What's the point of 100 toys? You need to teach your child that sometimes, life is good and others, not so much. If they grow up with everything at their disposal, what happens when they're adults and have to fend for themselves? You need to let your child know that sometimes, there will be disappointments along the way and life will not always go as they planned or imagined and that it's totally fine. So, do say no sometimes.

5. Avoid comparison.

"You need to be as well behaved as Jason". Honestly this is unnecessary pressure on your child and they will feel like they're not good enough. Perfectionist mums really ruin a child's life. These are the kind of kids who grow up feeling like they were never ever good enough because they were always compared to someone and everything they did was just never good. Comparing your child to others also creates self esteem issues.

6. Show care.

Ask your child how their day was, find out how they're doing, how their friends are, how school is going, you know? Be active in his/her life. Listen to your child when they speak. You definitely want your child to be comfortable enough around you so much so that they can literally tell you anything.

7. Instead of beating them, punish them with a chore that will keep them calm and active.

We were spanked by our moms and it worked and it's sometimes necessary if the child is being overly naughty. However, there are many other ways you can punish a child say by giving them a chore that will keep them active and calm.

8. Praise them for a job well done.

A little pat on the back or a present every now and them for being a good kid is always necessary.

9. Keep them off social media.

A majority of us grew up without social media and we turned out just fine. There’s so much PG stuff on social media these days and your child is better off doing something active like playing outside with other kids or riding a bicycle, instead of scrolling Facebook or playing games. Allowing your child to go play also lets him/her build social skills and be able to socialize later in future and become acclimatized to new environments easily.

10. Make sure they're sleeping enough.

And eating healthy and hydrating. Your child has no business being up past 9. Let them get their beauty sleep which is necessary for growth.

11. Communicate.

Let your child know when they have upset you or when you don't agree with something they did. Let them know that they can come to you for anything. You child should not fear you; if anything, they should come running to you for advice or when something exciting happens at school. You should be best friends.

12. Teach them good values.

Teach them the value of money, that money is not everything and it's little things such as happiness that matter. Teach them not to litter, to be kind, to share things with their friends, to be sympathetic and teach them respect. They're the future generation and no one wants a generation of assholes.


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