5 things women should never lie to men about

Just be honest

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We have all lied at some point in life. And while there are things you would rather keep to yourself or lie about if you have to, you have to be honest with others.

In relationships for instance, you will want to play the ‘perfect partner’. But this can bring problems later if your partner ever knows that you lied to them. For whatever reasons, women should never lie to men about these things:

1. Your age

Most women are not comfortable about revealing their age. But in a relationship, you should be honest about it. Even if you are older than the guy, just let them know. If they can’t deal with it, then that’s on them. Lying about your age makes you seem insecure.

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2. Your interest

For Pete’s sake, don’t tell him you love football and are a car enthusiast if you know nothing about them. Make it clear that you don’t like accompanying him to watch a match because it’s not in your line of interests. We all know how embarrassing it can be if he engages you in a topic you claim to know then you start stammering with confusion.

3. Your cooking abilities

Men appreciate a woman who can cook well. But then, not everyone is talented in the area. If you can cook, just say that but don’t exaggerate your abilities. If you can’t make something, be clear about it. You don’t want to raise his expectations only to disappoint him later.

4. Bedroom prowess

If his game is poor, then don’t praise him telling him that he is the best you’ve ever had. You would rather remain silent because if you shower him with praises, he will not make an effort to improve his skills.

5. Your ex

If you are in a serious relationship, the ex-factor will have to come up at some point. When it does, just be honest about the number of people you have dated and how many are still in the picture. If one of your exes is still chasing you, tell him. He will be at a better position to make a choice and know how to deal with your ex in case he shows up.


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