Just before her wedding, lifestyle blogger and top social media influencer, Sharon Mundia, took a media hiatus for a whole year. Now that she’s back she has finally opened about her disappearance.

Popularly known for her website, This is Ess, Sharon took to her Youtube channel to explain why she quit social media for a whole year.

She talks about losing her way, mixed priorities and hating the blog that she had started as a source of comfort after a bad break up.

She said, “…for a while I had been feeling unsettled  in my role as an influencer  or as a creative, I didn’t know how to be myself and I would just share because of sharing or because a contract says I need to put this up at this time and it wasn’t authentic, it wasn’t really me. It was making something that I once loved feel like a chore and a burden and I was starting to resent it…”

Sharon went on further to explain that when her priorities moved from passion to money her drive to create her blog dimmed down to a source of guilt that was driving her crazy.

“Whereas I started my blog because I needed an escape because I was going through something in my life…at some point I was like, wait a second, I actually like this, let me do it for good. And then it became if I’m doing this solely then it needs to make financial sense, so now I’m doing it chasing the money. All that was good but that can’t be what is fully driving me yet it was something I completely enjoyed. It wasn’t clear what my purpose was and I started to feel guilty…it was driving me nuts…”

However, she was still a relevant name in the media industry as she was still creating content for Capital Fm and a co-host of Youtube vlog, ‘Our Two scents’  featuring Susan Wang’.

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Now a married woman with a new born baby to nurture, Ess concluded the video promising to make a comeback and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for her fans every Thursday.

Ps: Her Husband Lonina Letiepan’s social media accounts are also inactive.